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The Next Contest Winning Mini Blueberry Pie: Low Sugar and Diet-Friendly

Updated: Feb 2

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We are so fortunate to live in an area surrounded by fields of fresh crops and orchards all summer long. Every spring, you can feel the hustle and bustle as each grower turns their winter plans into spring actions. Their hard work sure pays off come June. There is nothing like the feeling you get from the abundance of a good harvest. We aspire to know that feeling one day...

With access to so many fresh fruits and vegetables, we find ourselves always looking for new recipes to incorporate the produce we have on hand, like this blueberry pie recipe!

How the Mini-Pie Recipe Evolved

I firsts discovered this awesome recipe after picking nearly 4 quarts of blueberries from our neighbor’s bushes. It's all fun and games until you walk in the door with 18 cups of blueberries and have no clue how to use them all. Fortunately, we love blueberries, so it was a good problem to have.

A quick hop on the ‘ol internet, a few inspirational recipes later, and I turned into a mad scientist ready to experiment. The result of the experiment was exactly my kind of recipe. Simple, fast, and absolutely delicious! If I were to enter food contests, I am sure this mini-pie recipe would be a winner. For one thing, it’s a spin-off of a Taste of Home recipe that has already been Test Kitchen Approved and donned with a slew of contest prizes.

I made the Taste of Home Contest Winning Blueberry Pie with minimal modification first. After my modifications to the Taste of Home recipe were successful, more experimenting ensued. Soon I had my Next Contest Winning Mini Blueberry Pie recipe. Both of these recipes are so good I recommend trying each of them!

So, Why Make a Mini Pie?

If you don't have a large family, working your way through a whole pie can be done, but it usually means eating way too much pie and not enjoying it as much. So we paired down the original recipe to make mini blueberry pies. Darn it if they aren't the cutest little things you ever saw.

You’ll notice, the mini pie recipe yields 4 pies. So what to do with all four cute little beauties? Well, you’re gonna eat one. Probably without letting it cool enough for the blueberries to set properly, but darn, it is still going to taste so good. Burnt tongue and all. Then you may share one with a friend. Please pick me! Then, hey, you have two left to share with a couple of lucky neighbors. Nothing makes me smile like sharing something I’ve made with friends. It’s even better when the result tastes good too!

A few things you may need for this Recipe

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  1. mini pie pans - I love all the colors in this set!

  2. crust shields

  3. crust weights - of all the things... Who would have thought these would be a valuable product? Obviously, I'm new to baking. Ha!

  4. rolling pin

  5. Truvia sweetener - the only stevia sweetener I've tried that doesn't have 'that' taste

How Will You Enjoy Your Mini-Pie?

Calling all baking enthusiasts who also like to experiment! There are so many opportunities to add your own zest to this recipe, and I would love your advice! Here are a few ideas for your consideration:

  • How is the recipe with frozen berries?

  • Can another thickener substitute cornstarch? Maybe arrowroot or pectin?

  • Have an easy fail-proof crust recipe? I’m all ears. Store-bought crusts are just so convenient, but I do always feel like it's cheating, kind of…

Spoons at the ready, let's dive in!

The Next Contest Winning Blueberry Pie Recipe

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