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Simple Rice and Beans Recipe: Costa Rican Style

Updated: Aug 30

Rice and Beans is a staple dish in many cultures. But it means different things and has completely unique flavors for different people.

There are red beans and rice dishes famous in the Creole country of Louisiana, Indian bean and rice dishes, and thousands of other variations of the rice dish throughout Latin America and beyond.

simple rice and beans recipe

Our recipe below is reminiscent of time spent in Costa Rica with friends and family that live there. The cooking process is simple, and the best results are reached after allowing the mixture to simmer in a large skillet on low or medium heat while everyone visits for a while up to a few hours.

Of course, our recipe is its own variation, but the star ingredient, Salsa Lizano, is what makes this dish truly unique. On the surface, this dish may look like a typical taco salad or rice and beans dish, but it is this one ingredient that really sets it apart.

simple rice and beans recipe: Salsa Lizano

Salsa Lizano is a sauce that crosses flavors similar to tomatillo salsa and a traditional bbq sauce, like Sweet Baby Rays, to create a uniquely savory and mildly tangy taste. This may not be the perfect summarization of the taste, and I hope the description won't dissuade you from trying it.

This sauce really packs a lot of extra flavor. I would love to hear how you would describe it after having tasted it for the first time.

making a simple rice and beans recipe

This simple rice and bean dish is quick, and easy recipe with minimal meal prep. It heats up well and can easily be made in large batches for the whole family or to share at events and festivities.

You could also enjoy this dish wrapped in a tortilla like a burrito or serve it in smaller portions as a side dish. There are many ways to enjoy this meal.

Maybe you're looking for something to liven up your usual menu or an opportunity to make something memorable with the ones you love. Either way, we hope this dish will be a hit with your crew and regular on rotation.

Basic Ingredients

​White or brown rice Ground Beef black beans corn Salsa Lizano Cheddar cheese

Managing Cooking Time

If you don't have much time, you could make this meal in 30 minutes if you don't mind it being an instant rice dish or if you have a rice cooker that can be started in advance. Canned beans instead of dried will also help cut down on prep time but may impact the flavor. As you will find as you continue reading, the basic elements of this dish are similar, but the end result is completely up to personal preferences.

Experiment with adding Extra Flavor

  • Add a dollop of sour cream

  • Garnish with fresh cilantro

  • Sauté diced green pepper into the mix

  • Modify the spice level with black pepper, hot sauce or red pepper flakes

  • Add lime juice or lemon juice

Ways to Make Healthier Simple Rice and Beans Recipe

Swap white rice with brown rice and use olive oil instead of butter or lard. Another healthy eating consideration is portion size. Rice and beans is a very filling dish packed with simple pantry staples high in many essential nutrients daily values. So controlling how much we eat in one sitting will ensure a balanced calorie diet.

We hope you will explore the rest Simply Living Happy has to offer. Click the links here for more healthy recommendations or tips around the kitchen.

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