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2 Simple Product Swaps to Make for Intensely Nourished Skin

Updated: Sep 17

If you're a frequent reader of beauty and skincare articles, I'm sure you've heard that having a daily routine including cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is a must. Not only does this help keep your skin looking its best—but it also helps reduce the risk of premature aging and breaking out in blemishes. Isn't that what we all want? To look our best for as long as possible.

Nourished Skin

Where My Skin Was

I don't know about you but my skin had a rough time until age eighteen when I started taking my skincare seriously. Growing up, I infrequently moisturized, often suffered sunburns from lack of sunscreen, and paid little attention to how hydration, diet, and exercise impacted my body.

Early Improvements

As a young adult, I started to prioritize my health from the inside out. I spent hours researching everything I could do to help my body heal and stay as healthy as possible. I implemented a regular fitness routine, started incorporating more veggies, and swapped soda for water more often. I even started taking basic multivitamins to ensure there were no gaps in my nutrition.

All of these things made a great impact on my appearance over time. After about a month I noticed changes in my nails. Within three months my nails stopped having little white spots and flaking or chipping easily. Within a year my hair had more shine, fullness, and naturally rich color. It also grew longer than it ever had before. Seeing all these changes definitely added to my confidence and natural glow but I still was not one-hundred percent satisfied.

Lingering Skin Challenges

Despite my best efforts I still struggled to repair and overcome some common skin care issues caused by my careless early years. So back to the lab again. I researched all the different moisturizers and serums that swore to fix my troubled skin.

I spent money trying different products, scrutinized my already healthy diet, and drank more water nearly to excess. I felt like I had done all the things but was still terribly frustrated as a mid-twenty-something showing signs of premature aging, including sun spots, fine lines, and crepe skin, not to mention the ever-dreaded strawberry legs.

That was until I came across a less talked about tip from a dermatologist on YouTube -- PH.

Nourished Skin Moisture Barrier
A side note about YouTube Doctors as a General Rule

I just want to say I don't think YouTube doctors take the place of working with your local health care provider. However, I do appreciate the education they offer. It certainly allows me to be better informed on my visits and know how to describe certain concerns, products or procedures I am curious about. So please stay safe when working to resolve any conditions and consult your local practitioners too.

What I like Best about Dr. Dray

Uh her name? Ok, that's just a bonus. What I appreciate most is her authenticity and informative delivery. Sure lots of YouTube personalities are just that, characters. However, based on the consistency of her delivery over the years and her willingness to call a bad product or trend like she sees it, Dr. Drey either deserves an Emmy or is consistently showing up as herself. Plus, why would she need to act?

Second, I always feel more knowledgeable after watching one of her videos. She does a great job reviewing the ingredients that make the product work as well as conditions in the environment or of someone's skin that will impact the effectiveness. I could go on but those are the two big points for me. Before we get back to the moisturizer story I have linked a couple of her videos below that really helped me.



Trying PH Balanced Body Lotion for Nourished Skin

After listening to Dr. Dray explain the importance of maintaining your skin's natural PH level as a way to help it work more efficiently, I was persuaded to try her suggestion. What she said made perfect sense to me. Though I was not thrilled to give up my beloved cocoa butter lotion for another unscented alternative, I was willing to try if it finally meant healthier skin.

Nourished Skin soft to the touch

As someone that is very sensitive to smells and enjoys perfumes, following beauty recommendations to opt for unscented lotions was a tough swap to make. The unscented lotions I had tried before seemed to always have some sort of faint chemical or sterile smell that was really unappealing. More importantly, they didn't seem to make any noticeable difference in my skin. However, there was hope. I hadn't tried any of the unscented lotions that were noted as having a balanced PH and recommended by our YouTube dermatologist.

So off to Target! Or the app rather. I purchased Eucerin Advanced Repair Unscented Body Lotion for pick-up in-store and ordered Eucerin Advanced cleaning body and face wash for delivery, sadly they didn't have any at the store.


Both products are available at most major retailers online or in stores. We've linked to both products on Target and Amazon here.

Target Lotion & Body Wash | Amazon Lotion & Body Wash


The results were amazing. Within the first two uses of the moisturizer, I could see and feel an improvement in the texture of my skin. I started feeling as though I could skip a day or two of moisturizing without feeling the usual tight dryness. To me, this was an exceptional sign and lead me to believe that PH really was the trick to helping my skin naturally retain moisture and stay healthier.

Then the body wash was delivered.

Trying PH Balanced Body Wash

Nourished Skin is silky skin

Getting ready in the morning has evolved into an indulgent ritual rather than just a routine. However, I still love efficiency and reliable products that work as advertised. The body wash was great in that regard. I really enjoyed being able to wash my face and body at once with the same product.

The only drawback is the faint but dreaded sterile scent. The unscented body wash does have a bit of a smell, but the moment you rinse, it's gone. So, for the efficiency factor and additional improvements I saw in my skin, including the reduction and near disappearance of my strawberry legs, it's a keeper.

Until someone piques my curiosity and has evidence to support a switch, I will be a Eucerin fan for a long time to come. Both the body wash and moisturizer support my healthy skin. The body wash allows me to eliminate another expense and product from my shower caddy-- a separate face wash. Through the process of discovering this product, I also learned something new about my skin. It's clear these two products will keep me simply living happy longer.


With a few simple steps each day, you can give your skin the nourishment it needs to stay healthy and glowing. Is PH the definitive end all be all, probably not. But fortunately, the products offered by Eucerin contain a list of beneficial ingredients that together have really shown to improve my skin. Plus, the sooner you start trying different products, the sooner you'll find what works for you. Then you'll start seeing improvements and prolong any skin issues from developing later on in life.

So, if you want to keep that youthful look for longer, investing in a good skincare routine that keeps your skin's natural PH level balanced, like Eucerin Advanced Repair Unscented Body Wash and Lotion, is essential.

After all, your skin is one of the first things people notice about you! Taking time to look after it will not only keep you looking your best but also help to boost your confidence and self-esteem—your future self will thank you!

Nourished Skin the easy way

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