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How to Make a Big Impact on Your Home: Affordable & Indulgent Finds

Creating and having a space of your own is a dream come true, no matter how it looks, what type of place it is, or what zip code you're in. Turn your space into a true sanctuary with these affordable and indulgent finds.

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Apartment Friendly Indulgence

Apartment decorating has come a long way. From paint-safe repositionable wallpapers to battery-powered sconces and pendants, there are endless ways to bring your personality into your home. Below are a few of our favorite decorative items that can really elevate the décor of a space. Not only will you love having these items, they also make great housewarming gifts for friends and families too. Décor Items.

Capture the Senses

Great home design should extend beyond the visual textile elements and incorporate all five senses. Having a higher-end reed diffuser, essential oil mister, or a few candles is a simple way to instantly give your home a more sophisticated and welcoming air - quite literally.


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Though apartments do come in all different shapes and sizes, having a few well-positioned mirrors can really help bring in additional natural light and make any space feel bigger.


Though the added oxygen is always a plus, live house plants can easily detract from a home as much as they add to it when poorly kept. So if you struggle with your green thumb, it's time to check out alternatives.

Artificial greenery can be surprisingly realistic these days, so don't knock it until you try it. Look for real touch everlasting varieties made of latex. Some buyers have commented that they look so realistic husbands have poured water in the vases!

The best part is the latex flowers can be easily rinsed off if they ever start to look a little dusty, making them very low maintenance and easy to care for. No plant sitter is necessary while you're on vacation!

Semi-Permanent Indulgent Items

These items typically attach with removable adhesives so you can reposition them or bring them with you to your next space with minimal effort.

Hide Cords

Clutter and chaos are instant detractors to any well-curated space. Keeping cords tidy is easy with conduit pieces or cord winders. It's also a great idea to invest in a few flat plug-style surge protectors so you can more discreetly hide unsightly cords and cables behind furniture easily.

Ledge Style TP Holder

How many times have you heard of someone accidentally dropping their phone in the toilet? Phones in back pockets are never safe. We know it, and yet they end up there so often.

Women are especially lucky to even have back pockets that can hold their phone, so though it may seem silly, having a ledge you and your guests can set their phone on is really nice,

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Battery Powered Lights

These light fixtures give such a high-end look to a space but are also very useful for areas you would like a little more light but don't have space for a table or stick lamp.

It's also nice that they typically come with remotes. So if you love to read in bed, you hardly have to change your position when you find yourself dozing off. Just hit the button, and off to sweet dreamland you go.

Window Treatments

Privacy and style combined in one. It is so easy these days to add a custom look to your space just by selecting the right type of window treatment. Opt for tab-back or grommeted draperies over pole pocket varieties for better folds to your drapes.

If you really want to be indulgent, don't be intimidated by track-style drapes if you have a way to camouflage them with decorative moldings or valances. Ikea makes a great product perfect for DIYers looking to elevate their spaces.

The Most Indulgent Owned Property

When you own your home, it's like entering a whole new ball game of opportunity when it comes to crafting your ideal oasis. Indulgence now extends to every corner of your home and the lot surrounding it.

The opportunities are endless. Now if only we could say the same about budgets. Luckily we've compiled some modest options below that you'll appreciate more than you think.

Electronic Door Lock

So there are more advanced WIFI-enabled smart door locks, but for me, the number pad door lock is the perfect mix of old school and new school. It eliminates the need for keys and the fear of getting locked out when you cannot remember where the spare key was hidden.

It can also be great for guests, pet walkers, and other people you would like to give temporary access to your home. Most systems can manage up to eight unique codes. At any time, you can remove a code, and your home is secure without having to call a locksmith.


Previous to home ownership, I thought these were just items found in the lavish homes of celebrities or the ultra-wealthy. Come to find out, they're really simple to install so long as you have access to electrical under your sink.

Things can get a bit more expensive if you have to hire an electrician to add a plug, but overall, it's a very simple process. Once the electrical is available, it's very simple to install your own Insta-hot system. Just imagine being able to have a blazing hot cup of tea in the same amount of time it takes you to fill a cup of water,

Getting water to boil while making dinner is also a breeze. Trust us when we say you'll be thinking of all sorts of convenient ways to use your Insta-hot once it's installed.

Discreet Storage - Laundry, Mud Room, Utility

Indulgent decor: How to Add Greenery

Keep the clutter at bay with functional utility closest, designated drop zones, and more. When the space is your own, you are free to let your most indulgent and creative self let loose. From clever shelving options to modular cabinet units, there are so many ways to bring peace to your space and state of mind.


Not only is it great for the value of your home according to bank rate, but having a well-landscaped home extends the living area of your home to the outdoors, creating even more spaces for you to indulge in relaxation and the pleasure of being a homeowner.


Take pride in your space no matter where you call home. Find us on Pinterest for additional inspiration, and make sure the four walls around you are supporting and inspiring you in every way every day.

From the moment you wake up to the second you close your eyes at night, you'll smile, knowing you've created something beautiful just for yourself and your closest loved ones to enjoy.

Until next time, we hope you're simply living happy.

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