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Body Care Updates for Summertime: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Updated: May 24

As the sun-soaked season approaches, it's crucial to prioritize self-care and keep our bodies healthy and glowing.

From protecting our skin against harmful UV rays to staying hydrated in the sweltering heat, we'll explore a range of tips and tricks to help you feel confident and radiant all summer long.

So get ready to discover the secrets to maintaining a beautiful and well-nourished body during the year's hottest months.

summertime body care

Swap Regular Body Lotion for SPF Body Lotion

Think of it as an insurance policy for your skin. The summertime is filled with spontaneous opportunities for a little extra sunshine. Having a base with some SPF will give you some built-in protection.

Eucerin SPF Body Lotion

Alba Botanica

However, applying and reapplying sunscreen as instructed is a must for planned outings. Put sunscreen on at least 15 minutes before sun exposure for the best coverage.

Bonus Tip for Summertime:

Another area you will want to protect with SPF is your lips. If you're a Burt's Bee's original lover, you'll like the medicated Blistex with SPF 15. If you prefer a plain option, check out this Up & Up sport option. Aquaphor also makes an excellent spf 30 option that is also fragrance-free,


Heat, sweat, and sun can do a number on your skin. Keeping it looking great all season requires a few routine updates, including gentle regular exfoliation. Picking the right exfoliator for your skin will depend on your sensitivity and what you're trying to achieve.

Hopefully, if you're keeping your skin hydrated and protecting from sunburn, a gentle exfoliator will be all that's needed. The following options use dermatologist-approved chemical exfoliators that smooth any rough bumps and aid in skin cell turnover while evening skin tone.

Cerave Exfoliating Bodywash

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub

But if you're recovering from sunburn and peeling, a more potent exfoliant can help sluff off that flaky skin quickly. A salt or sugar scrub can be applied by hand, or you could also try a silicone shower brush with your current body wash. Use salt and sugar scrubs sparingly, as they can take off too much skin leaving pores more exposed and easily clogged.

Himalayan Salt Scrub

Silicone exfoliator

Moisturize & Hydrate

Summertime Body Care Updates

Cooling after sun hydration doesn't have to be reserved for sunburns. Adding an aloe or water gel moisturizer to your evening routine will feel amazing and help your skin retain moisture to look amazing.

The summer heat and sweat can draw a lot of moisture and minerals from the skin. So support your skin's ability to maintain its regular moisture barrier with these moisturizers.

Another important consideration for your skin is how you're staying hydrated from the inside out. Getting some extra water to account for the moisture lost through sweat is a must.

You can also boost your hydration by eating lots of water-rich fruits and veggies like watermelon, oranges, peaches, cucumbers, tomatoes, and celery.


Friction happens, especially during the extra-active summer months. Protect from blisters and irritating rashes by pretreating problem areas like the underarms, thighs, and feet or by wearing protective clothing.

To pretreat, use an anti-chafe balm like a glide stick or anti-chafe product.

As a long-time runner, using an anti-chafe balm for thighs is a lifesaver during the summertime. It doesn't take much contact to irritate the skin over the course of several miles.

Another way to protect your sensitive skin areas is to wear clothes that will help wick away moisture without adding extra bulk to those areas. For example, compression shorts and athletic tops work great on the body, while cushioned socks like these do well to protect your toes.

Megababe Anti-Chafing Balm


Summertime allergens

There's always a lot of talk about sinuses and seasonal allergies, but another irritant often overlooked is the accumulation of summertime allergens in your home and on your body.

If you've been out and about, you may be surprised by how many allergens you could have picked up on your skin, hair, and clothes just from the air outdoors. If you're not a regular evening shower taker, consider adding a quick rinse-off before bed to your everyday routine to reduce allergens.

Another way to reduce allergen accumulation is to wash bed linens, especially pillowcases and comforters or duvets, weekly. Having clean pillows and linens can help reduce morning puffiness and stuffiness so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Bonus Tip for Summertime:

It may be time to give Fluffy a bath. Indoor and especially outdoor animals can hold dirt and allergens in their fur and spread them throughout the house. Not to mention they can also suffer from hot spots and allergen irritation too. Using a soothing oatmeal wash and ensuring your pets get regular washes will help everyone stay comfy this summer.

Summertime Body Care Wrap Up

Caring for your body throughout the year doesn't mean reinventing your self-care routine. However, a few seasonal adjustments can go a long way. From proper sun care to exfoliation and home care tips, you're well-equipped for a great summer.

By always prioritizing your well-being, you'll look amazing and feel your best, no matter the season. So, enjoy the sunshine, and let your body radiate with health and vitality all summer long.

summer time body care

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