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5 Expert Ways to Make Satisfying and Easy Healthy Meals

Healthy meals leaving you hungry? Here are five nutritious ingredients to try in any simple healthy recipes to keep you feeling full longer. The best healthy meals are the ones that help you skip the extra snacks and kick cravings altogether. Whether you prefer bowls, a healthy filling salad, or a plate of protein and veggies these ingredients can easily be incorporated.

1. Oven-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

This is a copycat tip from the delicious salads at Sweetgreen. Their delicious harvest bowl uses three of our five ingredients including sweet potato.

The first time I saw it on the menu I was skeptical but soon became a raving fan. Now roasted sweet potatoes have become a regular ingredient in many recipes.

Sweet potatoes are a pretty affordable vegetable too so they're great for making cheap healthy meals.

Additional oven-roasted vegetables are a great way to add nutritional value and staying power to any healthy recipe.

Carrots, broccoli, and beets are three of the highest-fiber vegetables available. Not to mention all the other beneficial nutrients they contain.

Best of all, they are each easy to prepare in large quantities for simple healthy meal prep. Once prepared, these veggies can be enjoyed in so many different recipes you won't have to worry about getting tired of them.

2. Quinoa

Serve it as the base of a warm veggie protein bowl, or sprinkle it cold into a leafy salad. This protein and fiber-rich grain is sure to keep you full all day long.

Quinoa is one of the simplest grains to prepare. Bring it to a boil two parts liquid one part grain and then let it simmer on low covered for about fifteen minutes. Then you will have a steaming pot of fluffy quinoa.

Did you know you can spice quinoa savory or sweet? It makes a delicious cinnamon rice pudding dupe with the added benefit of protein and fiber. Another way to add rich flavor to this ingredient is to cook it in a savory broth or sweet coconut milk mixture depending on your flavor preference.

3. Nuts

Sliced, pieces, or whole. Adding nuts is an excellent way to incorporate healthy fats, minerals, and fiber into your diet. It's best to look for lightly salted or dry roasted options that have fewer salts and extra oils added.

I find adding nuts also helps fill the craving for something less healthy and crunchy like crackers or chips.

Experiment with the full gambit of nuts in different recipes or as simple healthy snacks. But be mindful of portion size. The caloric density of nuts can easily tip the balance in the wrong direction,

A few of my favorite combinations are toasted almond slices on goat cheese and strawberry salad or walnuts on pear and gorgonzola salad with sliced tenderloin. The combinations of simple healthy recipes are endless.

4. Seeds

Pepitas or pumpkin seeds, sunflower, hemp, chia, and flax seeds all provide some of the similar benefits that nuts do but in an even smaller size. Though tiny, seeds can really add flavor.

Surprisingly, some of the smallest seeds like sesame or sunflower pack the most potent and unique flavors that will really make an impact on whatever recipe you're using them in.

Another great benefit of having nuts and seeds in your pantry is their shelf life. Unlike fruits and veggies nuts and seeds can store for months sometimes years when stored properly making them great for simple healthy meals on a budget.

5. Fiber Rich Fruits

strawberries, pears, apples, and oranges. These four fruits are each rich in fiber and great for sweet and savory recipe combos.

The peak season for these fruits is spaced out enough too that you have fruit options year-round.

We listed two healthy filling salad examples when suggesting ways to add nuts to recipes but fruits are great in many recipes besides salads too.

Some favorites include a green apple cheddar turkey burger or a pear ham and swiss with a balsamic drizzle. Another flavorful healthy recipe is an orange sesame chicken bowl which also has the benefit of seed too. If you really wanted to pack in the nutrition you could swap the rice for quinoa and up your protein intake.

Though they may not strike you as the most conventional ingredients at first glance, using fruit adds a lot of flavor with very little downside.

Wrap Up

Finding simple healthy recipes that nourish your body and make you feel good is the key to a healthy living diet. Prioritizing your wellness doesn't have to come with strenuous consequences for your time or budget.

Using these five simple ingredients will benefit your overall wellness greatly. By setting aside time for simple healthy meal prep and so many easy healthy recipe options taking care of your health and need for delicious food just became a lot simpler.

I hope these ingredients will be regular staples in your kitchen and lead to more time spent simply living happy.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Have any favorite simple healthy recipes using the ingredients mentioned above? Share them in the comments below!

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