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5 Powerful Time-Saving Apps to help you Crush your goals in 2023

Updated: Feb 2

There's a lot of technology out there promising to simplify and streamline our lives. I'll be honest. I've tried more than a few in the hopes of shaving some valuable time off those must-do would-rather-not-do tasks. From all the hopeful free trials, these are the five apps that have stood the test of time and device upgrades.

1. LastPass

It's like Gringotts for your personal info.

There is no doubt that digital security is a must for everyone. If you're using the same password for everything (super unsafe) or tired of resetting passwords all the time, LastPass will change your life.

Manage all your passwords, payment methods, address info, and more in a secure portal with some of the highest levels of security encryption available.

My favorite feature is the auto-generate secure password function. It allows you to choose from several options like the number of characters, type of characters, or if it's a password easily read or said. Another favorite feature is the auto-fill form tool. This feature fills in your name and shipping details when making purchases online. You can even have it auto-enter your credit card number if you want.

Use their mobile app or browser plug-in to always have all passwords safely at your fingertips. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind and password protection, and give LastPass a try for free by signing up here. There are dozens of other features and benefits available with their premium subscription worth checking out, like a security dashboard and dark web monitoring. So if you find yourself hooked on the free version, it may be worth the upgrade.

Bonus tip:

Managing passwords on a spreadsheet? That's great! Lastpass has an upload feature, so you can have all your passwords accessible in the vault in no time.

2. Mint

Owned by the creators of Quickbooks accounting software, intuit, Mint takes the backbone of financial management. It presents it in a user-friendly, easy-to-use interface for your personal finance. The app provides up-to-the-minute snapshots of your finances with the ability to set savings goals and spending budgets with a few quick clicks.

It's like having a dedicated money manager right in your pocket.

Connect your savings, investments, loans, mortgages, and credit cards in one place. Mint will help you set financial budgets and give you updates on your performance. The app can also help you track your credit score and offer other financial products that may benefit you. Some offers include lower-interest credit card recommendations or new investment opportunities. Just remember, no one will understand your financial situation or goals better than you. So always research and cross reference any new financial products you consider.

3. AnyList

Groceries lists, packing lists, to-do lists galore.

Share, collaborate, automate, and

more. Manage your recipes, create meal plans and even dictate to your virtual helpers like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

With Anylist, you can even order groceries online through the app and have them delivered via Instacart. Add item prices, filter products by store, create folders for different lists and add photos of items or recipes.

If you're working to improve your culinary skills or struggling to get the family on a meal plan everyone can agree to, try importing recipes from the web and creating a meal plan to ensure everyone has a favorite meal this week.

4. Grammarly

Write better.

Cut the fluff, get to the point, and check your grammar.

Upgrade to premium and receive recommendations on tone, sentence structure clarity, and more.

Grammarly can be used on web browsers, mobile devices in apps, and text messages. You can even use it inside Microsoft Word and other writing applications.

Welcome to the end-of-shotty emails, misused forms of there, affect, and your. Grammarly has your back when you need the message to stick and come across just right.

If you're a logophile or bibliophile, you may also enjoy following Grammarly's quirky, insightful, and occasionally comedic social media posts on Instagram.

5. Pinterest

I apologize in advance for my wide-eyed stare if you tell me you've never heard of Pinterest. If you haven't heard of it, I am so excited to be the one that introduces you two!

Looking to get inspired for your next creative project? Need a new recipe to try or tips on the right shade paint for your bedroom glow-up?

Why reinvent the wheel?

There are experts across virtually every industry pouring hours of quality content into the Pinterest platform, waiting for you to find it.

Sign up with your email, tell them about your interests or curiosities, and off you go. In moments your feed will be filled with hundreds of crave-worthy meals and sensible tips to do just about anything better.

Sign up today and keep your favorite tried and true hacks from the best recipes to household chores, DIYs, and more organized in one easy-to-use platform.

Closing Thoughts:

Do you have a favorite app that makes life easier? There are so many tools available today. Whether you're looking for budgeting help, productivity tips, or just a distraction - there's an app for everyone.

Getting familiar with the apps listed above is a great way to progress in achieving your goals around health and wealth. They'll also help you protect your personal information and use time more wisely. And who couldn't use a few extra moments filled with peace of mind?

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