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10 Ultra-handy, Inexpensive Tech Gadgets

Updated: Aug 12

Tech gadgets make our life easier by providing innovative ways to do things. In addition, they often make tasks that would normally be difficult or time-consuming much easier and faster. From fitness to online banking, enjoying books, and more. We rely on tech to help us in so many ways.

Overall, tech gadgets provide us with a variety of conveniences that make our lives more streamlined. In this article, we will highlight several useful tech gadgets that do just that. These inexpensive yet clever gadgets are great to have for yourself and give as gifts too!

Disclosure: This article contains links to products we use and love or have been highly recommended by trusted peers. As a participant in the Amazon Associate Affiliate program, Simply Living Happy may receive a small commission for items purchased through these links at no added cost to you.

Neck light

This neck reading light is very convenient when you need to see things a little clearer. It is good for making late-night reading, intricate crafts, and doing repairs a little easier.

With 4 LED lamp beads & 3 brightness modes, it can provide different light to suit your needs. Easily switch between modes using the switches on each arm. A full charge in just over 2 hours will give you 10 hours of hands-free lighting for all your activities. This neck light is easy to travel with and helpful in all sorts of situations, making it a great gift for just about anyone on your list or yourself!

All-in-One Charging Cable

It self-retracts and has magnets to keep it tidy. Skip packing all the different cords. Swap out the attachment for different devices. This cable is especially handy in places like the car, where you’re more likely to have people with lots of different devices. It’s also just convenient as an all-around travel cable and backup for the same reason.

Portable Power Bank with multiple cables

I travel with this power bank exclusively. The only other charging cable I bring with me is for my watch or laptop if I am going to be working on projects.

This power bank will charge your device while it's plugged into the wall or work on the go once it has been charged.

The design is very slim and easy to fit into jacket, purse, or backpack pockets.

One of the best features of this product is that it also comes with its own case. I find there is plenty of room in the case for me to stick my watch cable and a few other items like screen cleaning clothes.

Ultra Compact Wireless watch charger

This little gadget is a great gift or stocking stuffer because of how compact the design is and the price point. No more cables getting tangled and pulling your watch off the counter. Use this wireless charger on the go by adding it to a power bank like number three on this list, and plug it into your laptop or an outlet with a USB port. The versatility is half the benefit of this item.

Power Bank with built-in Watch Charger

More compact charging for use on the go. This charger can charge up to three devices at once! The only drawback here is that it does not have a regular USB port for other devices you may want to charge, so you’re a little limited to the wireless, lightning, or cables with a USB-C end.

Easy-to-pack charging dock

Perfect for extended stays! This charging dock packs flat and has a very small footprint for a nightstand or workspace. It’s perfect for digital nomads, frequent travelers, and minimalists alike.

Mini Cable clips

Maybe not the highest tech item on our list, but these little peel-and-stick organizers are discreet and handle the heavy lifting of keeping your cables right where you need them at all times. I like that the cables can still move through these clips if you need a device closer or moved further away without pulling or bunching.

Cell Phone Screen protectors

Can you ever have too many? I like to think of screen protectors as the always useful gift to give of our time. Screen protectors are what gifting socks were in the 90s. You may not get that oohhh ahh excitement, but you’ll be glad you have them when you need them.

Watch Screen protectors

Again great to have but easy to run out. I love keeping a pack or two of these around. When you’re always on the go, accidents are bound to happen, and it's nice to keep your things looking fresh and working well as long as possible.

Flameless Electric Lighter

This may not be the typical gadget when you think of clever tech products, but it is so useful, and you never have to worry about running out of lighter fluid or matches again. This electronic lighter is rechargeable and much safer to use than traditional methods. Although I miss the smell of a match, the benefits of this lighter far exceed that feeling. Consider this gadget for all the candle and campfire lovers in your life.

That just about does it for this edition of our favorite inexpensive and useful tech gadgets. For more gifting and budget-friendly ideas, check out all our amazon idea lists here.

Or if you still like venturing out and finding fun gifts in the store, we have a few more recommendations of retailers below. These stores always have interesting and enticing items we can count on, and we always get ideas from their products too.

For other obscure, unique, creative, and ultra-useful gadgets, we also love to shop:

The Container Store

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